Oberjoch mountain village

Oberjoch is the highest mountain village in Germany!


Probably the most beautiful and winding pass road in Germany leads from Bad Hindelang to the wide and sunny alpine plateau at 1,136 metres altitude, where the Oberjoch district is situated.

Our air, which has the lowest fine dust levels, is extremely low in pollen and is free of dust mites, which, for people suffering from allergies, promises a reduction of symptoms after just a few days stay.

The village and its surroundings offer beautiful holiday conditions for the whole family – and an unforgettable holiday in the Allgäu. Hikers have good reason to laugh as where others still have to climb several metres in altitude, they are already right at the start. Oberjoch has its own charm – small, familiar and peaceful.

Tradition and culture

The culture ranges from folkloric evenings to traditional costume festivals, yodelling, alphorn blowers and Schuhplattler dancing.

The “Klausentreiben” on 5 and 6 December is amongst the oldest tradition as well as the bonfire, which can be seen across the Allgäu, on the Sunday after the end of carnival.

But the Viehscheide cattle drive in September is also something you should experience once in your life.

We could go on and on about roaring village festivals and the like – but why don’t you find out for yourself!

Pure air

At over 1,000 metres altitude the air is pure, free of dust mites and extremely low in pollen and mould spores – “air quality level 1”, as a certificate by the German weather service confirms – this means: the air in Oberjoch is unique across Germany. The Löwen has been certified with the “ECARF” seal of quality.

There is a specialist and rehabilitation clinic for children and young adults in Oberjoch. In the “Alpenklinik Santa Maria” young allergy-sufferers are ideally looked after and cared for.